You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Steve's Accurate Automotive Repair, LLC:

Steve and his team doing amazing work. They make me regret buying new cars as they do such a great job diagnosing problems and fixing what really needs to be fixed! I've been HOSED by numerous Jeep dealers in the area, one time the Jeep dealer even replaced the air condenser when the A/C was still working just to remove a pulley noise. Steve identified the problem within minutes of seeing it and replaced the $70 pulley. For the "working man" they are great, as you can drop off the vehicle in the morning and it's usually ready by lunch or end-of-day. If not they have the vehicle put back together and ready to bring back another day, so no need to worry about being without your vehicle for a while. I recommend Steve's Accurate Auto to all my friends, family and colleagues without hesitation.


The owner was incredibly nice and very thorough, will definitely be using this shop more in the future!

Brian K.

Honest as the day is long!

Dee J.

I've been going to them for years. Their quality of work is always superb and typically I end up paying less than they quoted me. They're the type of people that if you could get another 3 month's out of your brake pads before replacing them, they would tell you.

Amy K.

My family and I have been going to Steve's for years and they are without a doubt the most reliable and honest around. I cringe at the thought of taking my car anywhere else. For me, it's Steve's team always!

Kaci H.

This is the place to bring your car. Honest pricing and reliable service. We have dealt with them for years and are very pleased.

Alan A.